Friday, March 22, 2013

Inter Zonal Volleyball 2012-2013

1. Gaurav guitar class XI A1
2. Raman class XII
3. Ankur Madan class XII B2
4. Sunny kumar class XII C


Delhi state Table Tennis
Md. Zaid got 1st place.

District Table tennis
1. Zaid got 3rd place
2. Abdullah and Jatin participated

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Delhi State Yoga competitions. The event was held at Sant Hari Das Public School, Najafgarh from 3 to 5 October’12. Around 1000 students from 60 schools from Delhi took part in it. 126 students of S. D. Public School classes II to XI participated with great zeal and favour under the guidance of Mr. Hemant Sharma and bagged nine positions in different categories. The students dazed the audience with their formidable Yoga moves. Ritesh, Kanishak and Rainy of class V and Urvashi of Class IV got fourth, third, second and fourth position respectively in 8-11 years category. Pritansh of class VI, Piyush of class VIII and Neha of class VII got sixth, second and third position respectively in 11-14 yrs. Category. Varsha and Hemant of class X secured fourth and sixth position respectively. All position holders were rewarded with medals and participation certificates.

Zonal yoga competition 2012

In Zonal Level Yoga competition students of S. D. Public School won positions in Rythemic Yoga Competition. The event was held at FU-Block Govt. School from 31 st October to 3 rd November’12. Priya Yadav of class XII and Pritansh of class VI bagged II and III position respectively. Piyush Tiwari of class VIII got IV position in Individual Yoga Competition. In Group Yoga Junior boys competition, students got IIIrd
position, Deepak of class VI, Piyush Tiwari, Gautam, Manthan Gulati and Daljeet of class VIII, Tarun, Akshay, Shikhar of class IV, Rohan Kapoor, Naman, Kapil, Pawan, Sumant, Amit, Yashpal, Ashish, Nikhil, Anil, Hemant
Shubham Pandey- participated in it.


In Swabhiman Sports Festival 2012, students of S. D. Public School bagged best positions and awarded with medals. The event was held on 16 th October 2012 at DDA Sports Complex, Rohini, New Delhi. Rainy of class V, Yashpal, Ashish, Varsha of class X, Shikhar of class IX, Purvanshu of class II and Pritansh of class VI and Priya Yadav of Class XII got I, I, III, III, II, II, III and II position respectively.



19 th MTNL Perfect

Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi on 8 th November’2012. PArul, Kashish, Isha, Laxmi of class V and Khushi, Devnashi, Bhavya, Dev, Sneha and Satvik of class IV got II position in Primary Yoga Group (class II to V), Rainy, Khusheen, Payal, Drishti of class V, Pritansh,




Manthan Gulati, Piyush Tiwari of class VIII got I position in middle group. Hemant Singh, Rohan Kapoor, Ashish, Yashpal, Nikhil, Varsha Sharma, Shubham Pandey of class X, Tarun Sharma and Shikhar Pandey of class IX and Priya Yadav of class XII bagged III position in Senior Yoga Group.

kick boxing Delhi state 2012-2013

Amrit  pal singh got 2nd position in 10th Delhi STATE kick BOXING

Northwest District Athletics Championship 2012-2013

1. Jatin Goel class 11th 3rd in Shotput.
2. Kanwalpreet Bedi class 10th 1 st in 100 and 200 meter.
3. Kamal Saroha of class 6 th 3rd in 100 meter.
4. Naman Rawat of class 10th B 2nd place in Long Jump.
5. Twinkle Sharma of 10th A 1st place in Long Jump and 3rd place in 800 Meter.
6. Ankush Vashishth of class 11th Got 2nd position in shotput
7. Rohit of  class 4th 3rd place in Longjump.

Boys Zonal Athletic

1. Naman rawat 10 B,2 nd in 800 ans 1500 meter and 3rd in longjump and 4*100 meter Relay
2. Pawan Sharma 10 B,3rd place in 400 meter and 4*100 Relay.
3. Kunal Yadav 10A,3rd in 4*100 meter Relay
4. Jatin class 11,3rd place in Discus Throw.

Athletics 2012-13

Twinkle Sharma
North zone 3 rd place in longjump
In Zonal 2nd in 4*100 relay and 3 rd 4*400 meter Relay
Northwest District- 1st position in longjump and 3 rd position in 800 meter

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Athletics 2012-13

Radhika Gulati 7 c
1. 2nd place in 400 meter in north zone
2. Zonal level 1 st in 100 and 200 meter
3. Interzonal level 3 rd place in 200 and 4 th place in 100 meter.
4. YMCA 2nd in 100 meter.

Athletics 2012-13

Kanwalpreet bedi
1. Delhi state 1st place in 400 meter and 2 nd place in
200 meter.
2. North zone 2nd place in 4*100 meter.
3. North zone 1st in 100 meter and 400 meter
4. Zonal Level- 1st in 100,200 and 400 meter.
5. Interzonal- 2nd in 100,200 and 400 meter.